eRosetta the ultimate answer for the O.R.

An operative report is kind of « atmosphere » used to say one of our Masters in surgery. An operative proccedure is a ballet.
The operating suite is a theater.
Everybody in this highly protected environment speaks his own language

eRosetta (developed by HOPI medical) is both the director and the stage manager. It :

  • reminds the procedures (consents, check-lists, counts, documentation…) ,
  • assigns the functions ( circulating nurse, anesthesiology team, consultants…),
  • notes and tracks the actions,
  • gathers useful data (lab tests, differents eHRs…)
  • produces administrative and medical informations ( coding, prescriptions, billing…),
  • communicates inside the O.R. suite (XRay department, pathology, any relevant specialty …),
  • transfers data outside (to referral physiscian, ambulatory nurses…),
  • manages upstream and downstream of the procedure

eRosetta cooperates efficiently and smoothly with any existing hospital information system.