The Doctor’s mobile office.

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 Inside the hospital, LimStar offers full access to eHR, enhancing reading and writing functions for diagnosis and prescriptions.
By providing complete connectivity for care providers both inside the institution and externally,
LimStar enables the Doctor at the Patient’s bed-side to seamlessly teleconsult with other
medical professionals anywhere in the world


Motorized camera
The remote-controlled camera is motorized on two axes offering exceptional expansion/focus capabilities through its 18x optical zoom and HD sensor. It can be operated from any place, by any computer using a joystick, keyboard or mouse and can be activated through any tablet or iOS and Android smartphones.

Card reader
LimStar is natively equipped with a smart card reader to read encrypted patient insurance cards (as used in Europe).

Innovative keyboard
Housed under a durable glass plate the touch-sensitive panel is designed to be used as a full keyboard. Additionally, it can be instantly turned off to be used as a passive surface for handwriting.

The 19-inch touch screen over 4/3 format is designed for comfortable viewing. Importantly, both touch screen and keyboard can be used with surgical gloves in an Operating Room or in I.C.U.

Battery charging connector

Powered by two lithium-ion batteries located inside the console, LIM Star recharges quickly on any low voltage (19V) docking station throughout the building. Its especially designed magnetic connection port is positioned at a convenient height on the machine  for easy connecting and disconnecting functions .

Adjustable orientation
The LimStar with its easily adjustable console allows the user to choose the ideal viewing angle, whether the patient is standing upright, seated or lying in a bed.


LimStar has a sleek design premised on providing the most sanitary, hygenic surfaces possible. Built with materials treated to minimize adhesion of undesirable elements and germs, its surfaces are simple to clean thoroughly. There are no exposed wires or cables.
LimStar’s innovative physical design goes a step beyond anything in the global marketplace. A dispenser on the back of the machine provides an hydro-alcoholic spray solution for the health care provider in order to prevent the hand-transmitted nosocomial infections. Its touch-free action is activated through an infrared sensor.


Mobility is only as good as the design of the machine. A salient point about the LimStar is that it was designed by a medical and nursing team who understand the uneven terrain of a medical environment. The functionality is based on providing both a stable wheel base and a rolling platform insuring ease and accuracy of movement.

The performance of this rolling platform allows LimStar to sneak into tight spaces without any effort. One hand is enough to guide it by pulling, pushing or even side-to-side.

Biomedical Sensors



Hand Camera




Technical Specifications

Download LimStar technical specifications.

LimStar case study : Patient hospital discharge


Hospital discharge in full confidence