Comprehensive VideoConference designed for HealthCare.


Imagine yourself instantly next to your patient’s side and simultaneously collaborating with other professionals in remote offices.
Wherever you are, behind your computer, in a conference room, on the go with your smartphone or tablet … or next to LimStar, NeoLinks gives you secure, unlimited access.
See, look, hear, listen, talk, feel, palpate, advise or make a judgment … at any distance …
It has never been easier than with NeoLinks.

Technical highlights

NeoLinks is the leading medical software solution for audio and video conferring. Its operations are based on a secure dedicated infrastructure : NeoLinks Network.

This guarantees the quality of your communication with dedicated resources and optimisation of the existing bandwidth, using internet or phone networks.

With the availability of NeoLinks on smart phones for full duplex videoconferring, the medical applications are limitless.


Video conferencing

Whether point-to-point or multipoints (up to 25 positions), Neolinks provides high quality sound and full HD video acquisition.


NeoLinks conference participants can all see diagnostic data (graphs, ultrasounds, imaging, etc.) and interact with the screen. They can also view any type of reports (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Enrich your sessions by sharing applications, pdf files, digital white boards, images or snapshots captured in real time.


An integrated one-click access tool to find your partners by name, specialty or institution.

NeoLinks Products

For your Computer
NeoLinks 1.0

This software instantly transforms your computer into a video-conferencing terminal. From your office, home or on the go, you can use the power of NeoLinks to conduct a teleconsultation.

For LimStar
NeoLinks 2.0

It allows LimStar to interact with all biomedical sensors connected to it . A thorough teleconsultation is possible through a video stream using sophisticated diagnostic equipment such as dermascope, otoscope,laryngoscope, non mydriatic retinograph, integrated ultrasound system, electronic stethoscope and EKG.

For your Videoconferencing Rooms
NeoLinks 3.0

With the same ergonomics, you can transform any meeting room into a sophisticated video conferencing room. Neolinks 3.0 is compatible with motorized Full HD cameras and can use existing sound systems.

For your Smartphone
NeoLinks 4.0

This innovative feature allows you to use any smartphone as a camera with real-time video streaming that can be viewed on your computer : You can remotely control the smartphone with your mouse or keyboard; you can zoom, brighten the screen, activate the flash and capture amazing HD pictures.

NeoLinks Case Study


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